I was late for my very first class.

I had no idea what Journalism school was going to be like.
I had never even envisaged doing Journalism studies until 4 months before I got admission. I did not know what to expect and I was thoroughly enthusiastic about studies by the time school began.
It was not the first time I was being admitted at an Undergrad level .It was not the second either. Let’s just say I have had my share of self-orientation (will do a post on that).
I was standing right at the door when my beloved lecturer whizzed right through the only, other door and began his lecture instantly.
A hundred or so of us have been admitted into the first year at the department of Journalism and Mass Communication this academic year, less than 20 attended that lecture. I was not one of them.
I did get what he taught on that blessed morning…but that is for another post.
My issue is with my realization of what Journalism school is.
After the lecture, I was bold enough to follow my lecturer and provide an apology. Here is what it sounded like:
Me: Excuse me professor (at the time I really thought he was… P.S: he deserves to be btw)
My Lecturer.: ”Yes!?”
Me: “I just wanted to apologize for not being able to attend your class”.
My Lecturer: “uh huh…yes…go and fix your life”.
I will probably never forget those words. Reasons:
1. I spoke from his back (I mean he doesn’t even know what I look like)
2. He never gave me a glance. (I am very useless Part II)
3. He was really well dressed.
The last point doesn’t really matter ;). Suffice to say, I was heartbroken. This man is a great man. Seriously. I had audience to utter words to a globally acclaimed lecturer and all I could pull out was the single truth that something is(actually,was) wrong with my life?!
Man, that sucks.
My mates thought I was stupid to have even dared. I felt stupid but I did not show it. I could not. I have a new face now. I used to be different. The only thing constant in life is change, and now, we will both find out how.


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