My Birthday.

        My neighbour is celebrating her birthday right now.i just returned from a  tedious day of “Likes” hunt on Facebook and I am very certain the strike action at the University is over.This means I will definitely have a 7 am Class in the morning and the time by my PC is 11.20 pm.There are two specific thoughts in my mind right now I would like to elaborate on.I will do just one.

        My birthday.Last Friday,the 8th, I celebrated by 23rd year spent on this earth.Very few ‘real’ people actually know my birthday.The quotes because most of my birthday wishes were from Facebook.We all know that it’s cheating when you do that because everyone(well almost)sees your birth date on your profile.
        I share the same birthday with my younger brother and the author John Grisham.I know there are many others too but I prefer not to care about them…selfish me….Anyway,I received no birthday presents,I received three calls: my dad,my ex-girlfriend(‘s message;I still consider it a call) and my mom.My mom was actually reprimanding me for not calling her recently as much as I had promised. So she later on sent her wishes through a text message.So,technically,I received Uno,Un,One,i,1 call.I received verbal wishes from the people whom I was informing at that exact moment.
         I was not expecting much on that day.I was not sad.I am not right now.I spent my day at FakoShip Plaza ,at the ACTIVSpaces offices.I write for ,so my friend Akama Otto who built the site,permitted me to work under his wing there.I will do a post on my first two ‘office days’ there later.ACTIVSpaces is a tech hub or incubator if you like where really smart and talented young entrepreneurs mainly software developers meet and work,together  or individually but under the Umbrella of the ACTIVSpaces Community.Its an awesome place.I was there from 9am to about 6pm.
        Frankly,I was feeling down on that day.Not down in an ‘I-did-not-receive-presents sort of way”,rather in a realisation of the work ahead of me.Ceteris paribus ,I should have graduated from the University in 2010.I would have been 21 at most at the time and bearer of a Bsc in Biochemisty.I would have had an Msc now and probably having kids(who knows?!).I am 23 and first year student at the same University studying Journalism and Mass Communication.How that happened is another blog post.
      I once retweeted a series of tweets from @disgeneration(Jennifer Ehidiamen one of my fav tweeps) on “20 things to do before  you reach 30 years of age”.I will add the storify link at the end of this post for you to see.I found that list engaging at the time but I did not realise how profound it was until I realised last Friday,I had approximately seven,sept,7 years to accomplish most, if not all, of the items on the list.
       It got to me last Friday.
       I do not believe in moments of realisation,just like I don’t believe in Love at first sight.I believe that once your brain registers something extremely important to you,it leaves it to the subconscious to decide its relevance and date of arrival to the conscious.The trigger could be a statement,a picture,a person,a speech,anything.For me, the trigger was my birthday, and what did I realise on that day to keep me so down? I will leave that for another post.I would like to say I’m going to bed right now but I’m not.I have to eat,read some blogs and then sleep.Have you ever had triggers like mine?If so when? and what were you made aware of?
Here is the storify link: Check it out!

What do you think of my post?

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