The Mob-The Headless Monster

Even twins, triplets and “polyplets”(permit my orthographic incontinence) come from their mother’s wombs singly.
We are born alone and ultimately we die alone.
By this property, is it not just right that we remain entirely responsible for our actions?
That we choose our words, our deeds and remain individually bound by the consequences of their effects?
Yes-“Man is not an island”-YES-“Man is a social being”- BUT should we not pull from this individualism and unique nature of one’s oneness and make the proper life decisions?
Why would you chose death instead of life if you know you will get an uncomfortable,(sometimes permanently so) ,outcome?
The rage ,the noise and chatter of the heedless mass of SINGLE individuals, supporting and encouraging each others vices, masking the voice of reason,the voice of truth ,providing virtual justification for acts of vandalism, acts of brutality-acts of baseness.
My belief as concerns a mob is -“There is no US”.
There is just a mass of “I’s” and a mass of “You’s”.
In all the persons marching, there is not one of them who knows their COLLECTIVE reason.
Each one is there for something.
Each to fulfill a particular objective.
Some do, most fail.
But when you are in a mob-riot-uprising-war-whatever-remember this-
The mob is not a headless monster.
The mob is not even a monster.
To me, the mob is a pawn.
Distraction, sacrifice, collateral damage. innocents …pawns and fools.
The mob does have head ,however, the head is never part of the mob.
The questions I ask myself
– Will I give MY head to another person?
Why would this OTHER person not give his/her HEAD ?
and…in the end…who is responsible for a deed if not the perpetrator?


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