I’m an addict.

I felt I was becoming a slave to this wireless master called the internet.

I decided to do what I know how to do best.

I quit.

For a few days . I was supposed to set a limit- a  goal-an objective.

I didn’t.

But I stuck to one part – for the next 48 hours , I didn’t tweet, or RT or post on Facebook.

I could reply mails.

Not that I receive many…with everyone being pissed at me…you will find out eventually, ‘don’t you worry child’  😉 .

I ,thus, posteth the tweet to end all tweets:

“ I’ll be disconnecting from the internet for a few days. Starting to feel radioactive. Il me faut du repos. See you dans quelque jours 😉 #fb”

I posted similar status updates on my Whatsapp , BBM and Viber accounts.

Secretly…I had hoped someone would miss me.

I thought someone would say:

“Oh! NOooooo! OMG! I WILL SO BLOODY MISS YOU! I HOPE YOU ARE OK?! Why are you leaving?? Can I help you sweetheart?!”


“*Crying* *snivels violently* why? Please tell me? I’m here for you!”

No one did.

No one cared.

No one cares.

I do.

I needed the break.

May be it’s me being defensive.

 I know I needed that rest-whether people noticed or not.

I took the break and did something else…something smarter.

Something I never really get to do.

I watched the others.

I read my TL.

I read bios.

I followed conversations.

I fought against the urge to tweet.

For an hour or two had withdrawal.

Symptom: I started thinking in hashtags.

I would talk to my brother @AndersonTchassa and instead of calling his name…*whispering*… I would call his handle (like I did above).

I would talk to my mom:

“Sup? Is there anything to eat?” and I would  verbally add “Hash tag breakfast?” 

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Social media has its perks.


Interaction, conversations, marketing etc.

But it can be VERY addictive.

I think I am addicted.

I don’t think.

I am addicted.

I struggled to get off a few days ago.

I failed.

I’ll try again later.

Not today.

I’m going back.

See you there.




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