Brand consistency (or why this blog’s content will soon be overhauled).

“Why don’t you talk about your blog on the radio programme?” he asked me.
“Well…the tech blog ( is different and my personal blog (this one) is different. Also, the programme has a Facebook page and… it is difficult putting content on every one of them.” I answered.
I actually felt a little stupid.
Ok. Not actually …I did feel a lot stupid.
What seemed to me like one hour (actually four seconds) of awkward silence passed.
Paul smile and said: “Brand consistency”.
That was all he needed to say.
This was after my regular Sunday Radio programme, Digital Age, on the University of Buea’s teaching radio station- Chariot FM. We were just from having a Retrospect of 2013 with the 10 best gadgets of the year according to and the 10 best tech advances of the year and other lists for 2013 and 2014. The programme runs for 45minutes and starts from 12.15pm. Yours truly is the presenter and co-producer (sort of) with my very good friend Ransome.
Oh…and one of my crew members just put to birth a bouncing baby girl last month! Yay.:)
Ok. So we were brainstorming on how to make the programme better and he had been our guest for this edition. He wondered how we kept the audience engaged what you read above and also that we were thinking of how to get the audience participate through calls.
He knows my passion for technology, so, what bothered him was that I was sending the audience to an ‘empty’ page whereas, since I was planning to start blogging consistently on technology, I should send them to MY blog.
That is when it hit me….
Ok. Fine… it didn’t hit me but things got clearer and I had this idea of merging all of my passions into one convenient location. I may not be Seth Godin or James Altucher but at least I know I have more than one reader and that is enough. I have linked my blog to my Google+ and Facebook and Twitter. This means I have a more engaged audience on this blog and I think it is more appropriate that I use this blog to share the love I have for ideas, my country and the world at large.
I am a student journalist for crying out loud! I have my likes and dislikes and I love writing. This blog was previously named “My Mind: its products and Consequences”. It was a personal blog…or so I liked to call it but that …will be changing.
I limited posts to the products of my extreme need of admiration.
Eh. May be Narcissus’s blood runs in my veins…
So, dear reader, with this blog’s title changing, there is the likelihood that I will never blog on…it’s a little time consuming (and the first semester exams are fast approaching too). But how knows…
I will blog on EVERYTHING here. I’ll try to be as organized as possible( I know I still owe you “ The List”) . What you might find rather different is that the NEWS category might contain more technology and entertainment.
There is a lot going on around me and many wonderful young men and women (and older), working hard to provide innovative solutions to daily problems- especially using technology and ICTs. I watch this happening everyday around me and I choose to be your window to Cameroon from the P.O.V of a student Journalist.
Of course I can only get better if I get feedback from you. I can’t measure myself. Please, comment, like and /or share if you feel it’s worthy and if you have any question I will be more than happy to answer.


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