Social site- Yopisode- Launches in Buea.

We all have cult TV series that we run to as soon as it’s time to watch. For me it’s How I Met Your Mother. I am often amazed how at 9pm all the ladies in my neighborhood are glued to their TV sets watching some ‘Margo’ or ‘Eduardo’ or ‘ Marimar’ or (insert popular Filipino series).
How often would you want to finally settle the argument: ‘Eduardo and his twin brother…who is more handsome?’ The other thing too is that, since some of these series are on a national AND global stage, the audience is EVERYWHERE! Well, Otto Paul might just have built the perfect site for loyal fans of The Big Bang Theory or ‘Mintoumba’ or The Vampire Diaries.

A screenshot of the landing page.

A screenshot of the landing page.

Yopisode (from Your Episode) is a social site and had its alpha version launched early this February . It was announced on the Technology Radio Programme : Digital Age on the University of Buea teaching radio. The beta version is being developed and could be launching sometime around April this year.
I noticed that people usually spent the whole day talking about the series they had watched the night before,” says founder Otto Paul Akama. ” I decided to make a platform where they could talk with others in and around the country on these series that mattered to them” .
It’s simple and straight to the point, sign-up, create a group (usually your favourite TV series with its name of course) and get the conversation going! He promises to add more functions to the beta version. Let’s watch this unfold. I’ve already created “The Newsroom” …care to join me?



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