After I finished watching “Gravity”. I still had tears in my eyes. One hour thirty minutes.
Just that.
Barely 90 minutes.
Alfonso Cuaron is an artist.
Two actors, just two and only ONE (1) for more than half of the movie PLUS only the few minutes to the end involving the earth.
I was (and still am) in tears. THAT is what I call communication.
Sandra Bullock…I love you. Not in an ‘I want to marry you’ way but in the words of a fan. If I had ever been jealous of you acting in ‘The Proposal’ with the world’s best actor- Ryan Reynolds-then, please, forgive me.
A single word. A single actress. A single theme: the will to live.
I don’t think anyone has ever put it better.
Please…let’s not even get into the score. I NEEED to get that score.
I am blown away. I am so relieved she survived. It’s been a while since I watched a movie and kept saying to myself:
“Please don’t die, please …please don’t die”.
Clooney was so confident, so easily sacrificed -it’s almost not humanly possible to give one’s life that easily to let another person live.
Is it even still fathomable?
It’s not just a movie, it is lesson: Never Give up, Never back down.
Thanks Cuaron.vlcsnap-2014-02-11-00h50m34s203



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