What do you think of this short scene?


He looked up at his mother, pulling her hand in an effort to attract her attention. She knelt down beside him, holding his small fingers with both hands.

Don’t you worry“, she whispered, “I would be right here“.

She smiled broadly and kissed his forehead.
He still was not convinced and would not let go of her sleeves. She took him in her arms, hugged him tightly and whispered again, in a way only a mother can.

The boy’s eyes lit gently, he smiled and let go .
He then stepped away, looked around for a friendly location and set off in short dragging steps.
Half way to the door he spun around and screamed as much as his small voice let him:


She was still on her knees, her eyes went wet and she stood up.

She waved goodbye. He ran into the class as she reached for her handkerchief.

He never saw the smile that accompanied the tear as it dripped.


What do you think of my post?

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