Why do you write?

I am actively seeking for every means to escape the task at hand.
I know I have to write- I need to write.
I have stayed too long without posting on this blog.
The funny thing is; I expect that every time I post, someone will read, someone will be so proud that he/she will comment.
That …is not going to happen so easily my friend.
Many things have happened.
Every single day of my life is worth writing.
I don’t travel from one alternate universe to another, visiting ancient or future civilizations or my identical twins in other planets.
I just have a queer way of looking at everything.
Case in Point:I can make a movie out of a handshake.

The meeting of the hands.
Their sizes, colors, _______(include other… ‘hand’ adjectives
Their squeezing.
The projection of personalities.
The leaving.

I am a drama queen of sorts-exaggerating everything in my life.
The truth is I am a scared, lazy, lonely human ‘trying to find myself’ (whatever that means).
I have been reading.
A lot.
More than my peers I daresay.
Where I come from (and where I am), reading is only done as a necessity that is –for examinations.
I read because I like reading.
That should be a reason enough.
But what slowly dawns on me the more I read, is that:
1. I’ll NEVER read all I want.
2. Reading can lead to huge procrastination.
When I read, I feel elated.
I delve into new worlds, enjoy dialogues, characters, learn new words…blah blah blah.
Everyone does that.
But my reason is;to learn enough to be able to give out as well as to understand others.
I want to be understood.
That is probably my greatest desire.
I hope to do that through my writing.
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