My Wrenching Story of The Awful Truth or Dare (or How My Crush Crushed Me).

I regret the day I took part in the truth or dare.
If only I had known the feeling there would bring such despair.
Therein was a lass I digged, one I truly eyed.
The sort of person who stirred unspoken joy whenever she came in sight,
With her dark brown skin and gorgeous smile,
the picture of our wedding fit in my mind like multiple square tiles.
Whence me turn came I chose truth.
I approved not of the whole scheme but I condoned…not wanting to appear brute.
A question was asked and yours truly answered:
I left no doubt as to that I love feeling pampered.
Milady’s turn approached and I expected from her a certain…grace.
Little did I know in a few minutes I would be pulling my hair in disgrace.
” Kiss Mr. X for 5 minutes!”,was the order.
I ran short of breath as coursed through me a cold shudder.
With a synthetic carefree glance I prayed she’d say ” NO!”.
Boy…little did I know…
She hugged him closely as I watched furiously,
Amidst the drunked jeers they kept at it religiously.
Two minutes became ten.
At that point, to myself ,I could no longer pretend-
The crush,the respect I had, had flown away.
The soul I had thought pure had already been strayed.
The word that fit: betrayed.


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