Kamga is going to Singapore. You?

Location: Douala  Event: #cmrbloggershangout  Content: Musings

ET Holidays- Live (1) DSCF7347updated 787_06_L

I’ve never been in an airplane. Don’t laugh at me. But listening to these awesome packages make me believe I can fly …not the  R. Kelly type though.  We are at Bonapriso right now with a lot of cool guys. I met the founder and publisher of FabAfrique Magazine- Mrs Adeline Sede K. Guess what the “K”. stands for? Yep…you almost got it…Kamga. 😀  Together with Ethiopian airlines , a host of bloggers,actors,designers, writers, media sympathizers. From the Press Release attached, you can truly see what Ethiopian Airlines is offering.

I talked with Mrs Ngahane  Desiree , a sales representative and from what I gathered, the management is now open to all nationals. It used to be tight. If they are getting this flexible and sponsoring such events, I suppose we are at the brink of innovation. If you go here you could find out more about the Cameroonian branch.

Are you still Thomas? Read for yourself…ET Holidays- Live (1)


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