But…wait….IS THAT NOT #HEINPERE by @StanleyEnow??

‘But Na Bad tin For Copy?’ That is what my roommate said when he heard @StanleyEnow’s song playing over the stereo. I should not judge. So I won’t. I’ll just give my…hum…opinion. Do you know Stanley “Bayangi Boy” Enow?  Cameroonian. Artiste. Musician. Won Best New Act at AMMA 2014 . Has a Wikipedia page ( really cool by the way). Has been proclaiming the Cameroonian music scene globally.

Screen Shot from Stanley Enow's wikipedia page.

Screen Shot from Stanley Enow’s Wikipedia page.

Oh…and the ladies  just can’t get enough of  him. I think. DISCLAIMER: This is in no way an attempt to dis the artiste mentioned within this post! I write no gossip column and I would not wish to attract fan hate. Also, the only award I have so far is my mother’s love( and I’m truly satisfied…for now…) plus I don’t think I will be able to sing. I tried and almost killed my neighbours. The doctor cautioned me to discontinue…for their own good. The Cameroonian music scene has experienced a massive change. The gridlock that seemed to exist has been solved and everyday on social media and the web new artistes pop( not unlike mushrooms :)) and the sheer talent is amazing.  There are numerous young men and women who work hard each day to express their talent and love for music. Stanley Enow, Gasha, Magasco, Ciana, BJ, FluriBoyz, Jovi….there is a music revolution. A #muvolution.( TM patent pending!!) Awards…music videos…fame…money…I don’t know what the urge to make music is (see explanation above) but what is clear is that music speaks to the soul. Everybody loves music. Music soothes, it solves, it can be timeless, it can be priceless and it can be motivational. Sometimes, when you begin your day, just the right tune could make it shine. Music is indispensable and good music is irreplaceable. That said, I must admit  I am a sucker for  opinions and by the end of this … ‘discovery’, you should draw your own conclusion. If you are a fan of Stanley Enow you might not want to read this. I repeat: do not read this if you like/love/adore Stanley Enow. This is for your own good. At least I tried. Now, for those who understand copyright and the other legally binding aspects of intellectual property, I would really love to understand how this works. Please do explain to me in the comments or send me an email (if you don’t want to be…involved. I understand). Because I have nothing to say(literally),I will be extremely brief. Remember Zangalewa Vs Shakira ?  Or how about Manu Dibango Vs The King Of Pop? This post by ace blogger Dibussi Tande will refresh your memory. What if I gave you: Chris Brown VS Stanley Enow? Just click on the Youtube links below and find out for yourself.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-lBqIP7KfU   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rcc2dAkaOcY   I am still confused…so I’d be glad if you told me what to make of this. My friend asked me whether it was a bad thing to ‘copy’. Is this copying? If is it  not, then  what is this? If it is then what…so many questions…my so little brain.



  1. Lovely article! I like your style of writing as you spice it up with fun and make it lively. Stanley Enow has really evolved to a super cool musician, he’s the only one who has successfully migrated from a rapper to a singer and still remain significant in the industry. Best African Rappers


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read! Very kind words. Unfortunately, when I wrote this piece, I don’t think his media team liked my take. I have been blocked on Twitter from his account ever since the publication of this article.

      Coincidence? I have no idea. 😀


  2. Using a sample is not an issue. The issue stated was more about the fact that he kept silent about the original source of the music. Would not call it copying, just hiding, not much better still.


    1. Ever since I read @messydawn’s post on a comparison between Jovi and Stanley Enow, I stopped bothering about the quaiity of Stanley’s’ music. He has remained authentic to who he showed to us. He has never changed. From “Hein Pere” to now, he has been consistent with his brand- show business. Personally, I only think he will go UP from where he is now. No need to bother anymore. ( P.S: I loooove Jovi.)

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  3. Well in the rap world this is common. If you are into rap this would not be so strange to you. Nas, JayZ, Kanyr West, Eminem, etc all do it and they call it resampling or a cover or some other name. But using an instrumental is not copying bro its just that using an instrumental – copying in rap has to involve lyrics and melody


    1. Thanks for reading and for the clarification. The similarity the tracks have is uncanny though. I still treasure original work. I was ( and still I am) pointing out the lack of ‘complete’ originality. But like Picasso said: ” Good artists copy…great artists steal” 🙂


      1. Well the rap industry has this culture of re-sampling… Run This Town by Jayz is from a greek rock band… I can by nas was a resample of beethoven fur elise, and the list goes on


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