If you are in Cameroon, here are 10 Ways to convert your contacts from 8 to 9 digits

Telephone Numbers In Cameroon move from 8 to 9 digits!

Telephone Numbers In Cameroon move from 8 to 9 digits!

Today, the dialing plan  in Cameroon moves from 8 to 9 digits.  You may have wondered on the implications of this switch but before I unleash my chaos theories, I scoured the web for  a list of 10 applications you could use to perform the switch.

For ORANGE, MTN and NEXTTEL Cameroon phone numbers you’ll need to add a ‘6’ e.g
+237 74231654 ————} +237 674231654.
For CAMTEL well…let me try to explain. The numbers change according to your region. There is a ‘2’ to be added in front of all the numbers BUT depending on your region ‘something’ changes. The developers I spoke to said building the app could be  cumbersome because :”the pattern from fixed phone to Citiphone is not ‘fixed’ “.
Or maybe the code is just well protected.
Let’s see who fixes this.
From what I have noticed on @MTNCameroon’s Twitter timeline…
MTN Tweet 8to9
Well, I already switched mine…so…I get to modify my numbers when I want to make calls.
Interestingly, my text messages  go with no problem.
I gladly accepted for my old Blackberry 8520 to be used as test subject by my buddies at Wasamundi. The app is called #Wasafix. It took about 20 minutes to convert my 1048 contacts.
Looking at the news online today, I noticed there were a couple of apps produced for that particular purpose.
 I haven’t guinea pigged them all but I suggest you try them out and send me your reviews.
What’s the worse that could happen?
You lose all your contacts and have to explain yourself whenever someone calls you.
Especially your better half who would never understand.
You argue, fight, breakup and then you live an utterly miserable life because you did not identify who called.
Not that bad…right?
JK. Take your time and read reviews. Let the early adopters test the apps first. Don’t be a victim.
I would recommend #Wasafix. Used it. I don’t have many Camtel contacts so I wasn’t bothered by the fact that  I could not convert Camtel numbers. #Wasafix is the only app as at the moment this article is being posted that supports: Blackberry, Android, J2Me and iOS.
I repeat USE #WASAFIX. I used it and it works.
Or, if you can add a digit in front of your 500+ contacts that’s fine too.
Just don’t die of blisters…
Here are the apps:


 2. NumberUpdater Works on Android and has a web interface according to an article I read today on  237Online.
Number Updater

Number Updater

Orange 8 to 9
contact converter cmr
8to9 Renumbering cmr
Oh…did I say 10? Yeah…sorry I meant 5. I think I have issues with math.
In the meantime, you can read a better article concerning the switch and the ramifications on the total number of subscribers plus the TRA ( Telecommunications Regulation Agency)  here.
Have great evening and happy conversion!


  1. When something new comes into your life, you give yourself some time to asses and assimilate how to intergrate it and its system. Thanks. Hope we help each other.


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