Andrew: My Neighbour and Fly

A cousin of Andrew

A cousin of Andrew

I wonder what insects think of us. Not just insects. Animals, plants etc. I am assuming, of course, that they have a certain degree of consciousness. I could be wrong. But then again, the whole of life is about assumptions: that you won’t die tomorrow, that you will love forever, or that no one would notice that your zipper is actually bad and that you did not UNINTENTIONALLY forget to pull it up.
So, let us ( I will understand if you don’t want to) assume that a fly can think.
Let’s take this one fly I met a while ago. Call him…hmm…Andrew.
( Andrews, this is not personal. Seriously)
Now, Andrew has a simple job: signal disgust.
He spends his life, roaming earth and visiting any and every location that provides an adequate ecosystem.
Here is my question: Does Andrew enjoy his job? How does he feel about our attitude towards him?
We give him a charming label: Musca domestica.
I want to assume that Andrew thought we wanted him home, that we wanted to ‘domesticate’ him.
Boy, were you wrong.
Anyway, Andrew has been doing a pretty great job. I just wonder why he didn’t think of , say, starting a business.
What if Andrew built a mound of ‘interesting …hmm…STUFF’ for his crew?
Not only would he decrease the mortality rate of his species, but he could actually increase their lifespans and improve his pension!
Won’t that be brilliant?!
I wonder whether Andrew looks at Man and says:
‘Dude, what’s the point? We’re no different you know. We both have a simple goal: survive. What is it with love, work, goals, ambition etc?’
I wonder.
But I guess talking alone in my room and thinking about what a stupid fly’s brain contains is not such a good hobby.

Like I said, I could be wrong.
I could.

P.S: What if I am not?
Happy Labour Day by the way.



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