The Red Necklace: A Review of Sahndra Fondufe’s debut Novel

Books written by contemporary Cameroonian writers are but a few. I have not yet read this one, but I love this review. Enjoy.


Contrary to all other times when I read a book, I started this book by reading the acknowledgments. I could the author’s excitement as she thanked her relatives, friends and Editor. Aha! Then I dived in, with the same expectation and excitement I have when I have a few hours to spare and a good book in my hand. I was even more excited because I was finally beginning my book tour of Africa and I was starting with a book that was set in the very North West province where I spent a beautiful childhood.

It took me several hours to go through the big book. I got to know Yefon, the main character and the narrator of the book. I met her father, a well to do polygamous business man. I caught a few glimpses of her step sister Sola in between her constant beauty treatments administered…

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