I don’t need your permission

When you’re angry, you’re regretting. You think he should have said ‘Sorry’. Or she should not have spoken that way. You’re visiting the past.

When you’re scared of starting a new venture, of talking to strangers or starting a business, or asking the cute girl or boy in class out because he/she will think you’re weird, you’re time travelling. You’ve gone to the future and you’re judging the results of an experiment you’ve not carried out.

The earth has been around for billions of years. Chances are it will be around when you and I die. Why? Because we both won’t live for more than 200 years. Life is only as insignificant (or significant) as you want it to be.

Make an impact. Create something. Speak out. Be original. Be a radical. Be different. Live now and be happy. Life is more ‘choice’ than ‘privilege’.

I don’t not need permission from anyone to stop time travelling. We all have fears, goals, aspirations, regrets. However, I choose to be here.


I chose to gather experiences and be alive. To create. To write. To talk to you. With you. Together, let us create ideas that live for billions of years.


I don’t need anyone’s permission to kill bad habits. And neither do you.



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