10 steps to being a horrible brother ( or person)

(c) Flickr user rod_waddington

(c) Flickr user rod_waddington

  1. Don’t listen to his/her opinion
  1. You’re always right
  1. Don’t empathize, ever.
  1. Overreact-as much as possible
  1. Talk rude, especially in public (and don’t forget to snicker!)
  1. Be the first to call home to give your side of the story
  1. Keep tabs
  1. Transfer your mood to your interactions
  1. Don’t think before talking
  1. Voice your dissatisfaction (especially verbally) with as much caustic undertone as possible. *The more passive aggressive you get when quieter, the better.

Do these, and rest assured that your life and that of your sibling will be very entertaining for sadists.

Bonus: Carry these qualities to the rest of your human interactions and your score the big winner!                                      An utterly miserable life.



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