Depression is real.

(c) Flickr User: surrealisticsoother

(c) Flickr User: surrealisticsoother

This will be my shortest post so far.

For the past 48 hours, I’ve been depressed. I wrote a pretty sad rant on my computer-the kind you write and then hope no one reads. I haven’t reread it yet. It’s really depressing.

4 hours after the rant and I am at the radio presenting a health programme with honest enthusiasm.
How was I able to switch so fast?
I monitored the steps. This, unfortunately, is not the post where you find out about those steps. It’s the next.
I believe my upcoming post will help many who like me ( or even worse) sometimes feel this sense of helplessness, sadness and utter hopelessness. I once wrote on  how to solve it and  I thought I had conquered it.

I felt it again two days ago. And it sucked. Depression is real.

So is the path out of it.



  1. Can I share something with you? I’ll just go ahead, depression is not forever. Depression is there only because we forgot to take control of it. Believe you have the power to overcome it and you will. Think of what matters to you. Think of who you want to become. Think of what you want to live for. And fill your mind with plans and dreams. Slowly the sadness and meaningless feeling you have will fade away.. 🙂 good luck!

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