It is already hard as it is.

What if we never grow old? What if our bodies do but the same self born years ago just finds better ways of expressing inner needs. I want to think that being human is like an extreme sports experiments.  You’re born. Inbetween , you have to ‘find your passion/dream/goal/[ Insert scary term expressing ‘the’ life quest and subsequent melancholic outcome assuming a lack thereof] And as soon as your’re aware of your existence, you inevitable demise is laid bare.

One of the principles I strive to implement is the daily practice by James Altucher. With small daily increments of the four bodies: Physical, Mental , Spiritual and Emotional.

I try to improve 1% everyday. Like everything else in life, it is not easy. But, I have proof: I watch myself react differently to the same situations I had faced earlier. 

Watching onself.

How often do we try to separate our thoughts from our actions? “ Why did I do this?” ” Why do I feel this way?” ” What is this feeling? ” 

Am I being too rational and not ‘thinking with my heart’ or is this a form of salient self-awareness? I hardly lose my cool whenI expect to. And when I don’t think I will( e.g  during reccurent usage of the phrase: “It is yours?”( intonating a question into the statement ) when the speaker means: Is it yours?

I am far from perfect. In fact, the more I think about how difficult it is for me as a member of this species to attain ANY level of Greene’s Mastery, the less I take life literally.

Life is already hard enough as it is. Why bother with grudges or pretence? If I don’t enjoy your company, I reduce our contact to the bare minimum. Period. I deserve happiness. And so do you. So, I actively escape any avenue for unhappiness or any atmosphere that turns on my melancholic propensity.

It is hard being human. But, what choice do I have?


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