Guys! Let’s help Monique Get the MILEAD Fellowship


#BeTheChangeYouWantToSee #BetterBreed

Sometimes, I stalk people on Facebook.


I stay offline and I look at pictures of people who seem…well…not physically repulsive.
Yes, before you say it, I agree.

I am weird.
But, the reason why I am still on Facebook is not because of cute pictures.
Ok. Fine. It is one of the reasons I am still on Facebook.
The other( real) reason is the friends I have met here. Great, and remarkable people. Many of whom I have never met in person.
Some, I have re-discovered on this platform.
Others, I have had to block. ( Some people are sick and they don’t even know it).
One of the people who reduces my animal urge to stalk and engage in ‘serious stuff’ is Monique.
You see, Mo and I are not BFFs. We didn’t grow up together in the village to get separated when we came to the city.

I remember the first day I met Monique.

(This is the part where I give unnecessary background information and you scroll down the bottom and click. That’s okay. I forgive you)

Rainy season. August 2014. A friend and I organized a workshop to orientate students who had recently had their G.C.E. Advanced Levels as to ‘What Next’? What should one study in the University?
Our workshop failed. We didn’t get many things in time and I had to stand infront of the then Amphi 750 to apologize to participants.

Trust me, that speech sucks.
It is past 3pm. Rain drizzling. Cold. A not so small lady walks towards the venue. She gets in, realizes there’s no one in. My instincts tell me she was supposed to be part of the event. I don’t compute her to be a student.
I present myself and explain the situation. 2 mins max.
She is very disappointed. She grudgingly hands me a heap of printed material with Better Breed Cameroon all over it. It is a publication that actually questions the life after the GCE and seeks to provide valuable answers and insights.
Less than 5 mins and Monique is gone.
I would not see her again until I discovered she was core member at ACWA_on_Facebook ( Anglophone Cameroon Writers Association) and that BetterBreed Cameroon was her brainchild- she founded the NGO with the cash price she received at the completion of her Undergraduate Degree.

When I found out that she had published a short story in the 2011 Caine Prize Short Story Collection( I think I am making a mistake here…Mo correct me if I am wrong oh!), I was in love!
Monique is passionate about Youth, positive change and about making Cameroon a better place.
Her current Chevening Scholarship expresses that stance more than I could.

They say: Educate a woman and you educate a generation. Well, I say ” Give a Woman the tools she needs and she will build the nation she wants for her descendants”
I suppose by now we’ve established that I am broke.
Also, we have established that Monique deserves and needs your support.
Click the link to find out what I am talking about.
I am counting on you  Let’s help a sister out shall we?
If you can’t donate, at least eh, share.
Here’s the link to Monique’s MILEAD Fellowship (The MILEAD fellowship identifies and invites 25 young women from countries across the African continent who display potential for leadership and contribution to development)

Also, her blog.



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