The Indecency of Choice

The dots should not make sense.
Even gut feelings cannot be measured.
Right, wrong, individual compasses.
Nurtured half by nature.

Connecting the dots.
Backwards; ‘they’ say it makes sense.
Forward, however, sheer chaos.
The wake of decisions . Unknown. Unclear. Dark.

Permission vs forgiveness.
Most heroes choose the latter.
Other heroes meddled with the former.
What is the perfect balance?

In the end, we always have a choice.
Some say it’s not the case.
I strongly disagree.
Even deciding that we don’t have a choice, is a choice between accepting my point of view or not.

Now, how indecent are you willing to be?
Would you seek permission or forgiveness?
Can you measure your gut?
Do you have a choice or do your choices have you?


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