Live with me. Or leave me die.

Darkness paints my lids with flavors of you.
Silence screams your voice.
The freedom of your grip erases my selfishness.
In your eyes, the past is insignificant.

Time stops flowering when my thoughts mingle with the memory of your laugh.
I want to touch your soul- with my heart I want to drink your essence, for your you to become my me and our us to be ours.
I relish your image in my lids. I feel the heavens jealous of my affectation. My sickness. You.

You devour my being with thoughts of procreation. You plant indelible desires of intimacy. My flesh only truly rests when merged with yours.
What madness has befallen me? What curse would He let take over me- His pride and possession?
You have become my madness, the voice in my head. I smell you everywhere, even where you weren’t – in my past.

Or might you be my soul mate? May we have met in other streams? Could this be but our eternal dissertation?
My Cleo, I fear death. I fear pain.
My greatest fear, that would rack the greatest pain, will be your departure.

Live with me. Or leave me die.



  1. This is very emotional. I hope she recognizes herself in this post 😁😜. Hope you are referring to someone special in your life. I enjoyed reading it and I could feel the connection


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