The Light In The Dark

The light in the dark,
The fight in the heart,
The will to life,
The zeal to thrive.

Sometimes, it goes.
In your heart…you know.
That desire to succeed,
It may pull down, down to your heels.

It’s okay to be scared.
to feel dazed by the stares
Of unknowns, less knowns,
Of uncertainties and inadequacies.

Life may suck.
It’s okay to pass the buck.
Not too often though,
because that life may pass you so.

Sit up.
Find a way to lift up.
Your head, your pride and your light,
Stand up and rise to the fight.

We need you.
You need to.
It’s okay to be scared once in a while.
What’s NOT okay is to stay too long in the wild.

P.S.: Starting my professional internship tomorrow. Man…life just has a way of sucker punching you with new experiences doesn’t it?


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