In Another Life

There couldn’t have been a wronger time for us to have met.
There couldn’t be a larger distance between us.

Expectations. Obligations. Reputations.

In another life, I’d be a teacher, and you’d be a student.
We’d fall in love after school and get married after class.

In another life, you’d be the doctor, and I the patient.
I’d bask in your wisdom and cherish your care.

In a parallel universe, the stars align for us.
The angels sing when we kiss.
Your voice softens my face, your touch slows my beat, your smell reminds me of why I am alive.
I live you and you for me.
Like in the movies, you own me.
I trust you.
In another life, I am the one.

But in this life, I am me and you are you.


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