3 Lessons from Gatekeepers


That’s the word that has been on my mind for a couple of hours now.
The people. The System. The laws. Verbal and non.
In my life I have come across them. I am sure you have too. Maybe they were blatant. Or maybe not.

I found it fascinating today

Exhibit A: You come up with a brilliant solution on how to accomplish a task in the group. The leader of the pack, who happens to be your classmate, finds the idea interesting. She is almost tempted to congratulate you.
Then she stops.
She remembers her “status”. She then takes your “good idea” into advisement. That’s the end of it.

Exhibit B:
You’re the leader. You come up with a carefully articulated strategy to raise funds. You just need to get to the head of the company/class/group/family for him to sign the cash and approve.
The secretary doesn’t like you very much. Ergo, you never see him.

So, back to my thoughts.
Facing a gatekeeper has taught me three things.

1. It’s all in the mind.
Especially with the current state of the information economy, you can easily find an industry leader on Facebook, LinkedIn or even Skype. From my past experience, most of these top people are really nice guys. Caveat? They know the value of time. So get your pitch perfect at any time. Those stopping you only “think” they’ve stopped you. It’s up to you to find a path around the wall.

2.Your “why”.
Simon Sinek. Rings a bell? If not, Google him. I won’t talk about him today. Knowing “why” you’re doing anything is essential to guiding the way you do it and ( as you would find in Google) the people who follow you as a leader. You cannot afford to not have a “why”. In the face of a gatekeeper, remembering why could be the airbag that stops your crash. I mean, it really sucks. I felt horrible.
But thinking of why you want to accomplish what you want to accomplish turns on the bulb that shatters the figment of the whole notion of a gate keeper.

3. You always have a choice.
Always. The economy might be against you. The government may have laws against people who bear your name, you have bills to pay, you live in a shack. Whatever. If you’re reading this, then you have a choice to either continue reading, or not.
You can let the challenge bring you down, or be creative about it.
You don’t feel creative enough? Read! Watch a TED Talk, talk to your mentors or your parents. Find someone you trust and express yourself. Give the universe your thoughts. Never underestimate the value of a hive mind.

Bonus 4. Learning from the past.
Every second is an opportunity to better the next. There’s always an opportunity to improve on what was and on what could be. Therefore, leaning on negativity is never a wise option.
I could have felt horrible. Blamed the system. Hated my position and the person gatekeeping my options.

Here I am, writing what I learned and hoping you learn from it.



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