Shakespeare on Facebook

If Shakespeare had a Facebook account, I wonder what his comments would be like:

1. Doth thine keyboard lackest punctuation keys?

2. What hath the language of mine forefathers done to elicit such misuse to thou?

3. Whence came this preposterous dismissal of syntax? Thine village head?

4. Apologies, I admit mine books required explanations, forwards and abridged versions.
Thine 150 word blog posts too? By jove!

5. Thine populace feeds on gossip and ‪#‎Hashtags‬. Pathetic. With thine speed, me fearest thou shall revert to thine eldest and most revered language -silence.

Thence, the only rule thou shall annihilate would be the language itself.
Oh. Wait. You’re already doing that.

No Sh*te.

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