Hey, join me on Snapchat!

If you are on Snapchat, don’t bother reading, just add me.


If you are NOT on Snapchat, I totally understand…how can you not be??!

 Here is why I use Snapchat. And why you should too.

First, I’m not an expert. I could be wrong and you probably should stop reading this ( please don’t stop reading this).

But you can read about the evolution of snapchat as well as how to use it for your personal branding and marketing.
The articles are on Gary Vaynerchuk’s website.

If you know that name, you know you should head there. If you don’t…well…head there.

Second, I just started using 👻 seriously a couple of weeks ago.
So, again, I’m no expert. Don’t listen to me. Just add me on Snapchat.

Now, let me tell you why I love Snapchat.

1. It’s virgin territory with a lot of potential. I think companies, right here in Cameroon, will start using it as a marketing tool in a few months. I can comfortably predict that MTN will be the first.

2. Video messages! Are you kidding me?? If you’re a WhatsApp voice note person, imagine seeing the person! Plus you can choose to send your 10 second video either to individuals or to your story. And you can save them if they are awesome enough.

3. I use it to talk directly to my readers and followers. It’s more personal and less scripted. Plus it’s 10 seconds. Perfect for a fast pitch. Hit me up whenever you are online. I would love to show you ( and see your ) goofy awesomeness.

4. If I’m wrong, at least I tried.
5. If I’m right…

Do you have any difficulties using Snapchat, I strongly suggest you visit Gary Vee’s website and do a search there.  He has totally covered the topic and a lot more. Especially on his #ASKGaryVee Show on Youtube.

A list of suggested people to follow on Snapchat:

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk ( The Legend of the Hustle)
  2. DJ Khaled ( You’ve never seen a DJ like this guy. He is KEY).
  3. Anyi Tabe ( My classmate. Her Snaps are hilarious.)
  4. Kevin Hart ( No comment)
  5. Casey Neistat ( AMAZING filmmaker)
  6. Me. (duh)

But if you still want to ask me anything, just leave your question in the comments.

Or, better, ask me in a Snap.



P.S: How was your day?



  1. This is definitely the platform I am not willing to use, no matter how I hear about it lol. Not fanatic of talking, more of writing and even less a fanatic of pictures and personal branding through image. Still, I can’t understand how people use it.

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    1. I am now ready to engage in your comment.
      1. You can do more than talk with Snapchat. You can write, send pictures, videos or just WRITE. I use Snapchat to talk about a lot of things. Especially the projects I am working on.And I get so much engagement from my Snapfamily.
      2. It is intimate. If you use WhatsApp, you may have used voice notes. Imagine being able to send video notes? You can send Snaps to individuals as well as to your story.
      3. 24 hour half-life: This means that as soon as a snap is out, after 24 hours you can’t see it. Incidentally, you can’t edit Snaps too. Which makes the platform real. No lighting or special effects. WYSIWYG. 🙂

      Remember, when Facebook came, everyone thought it wasn’t going to last. Now, tell me, who isn’t on Facebook?

      Like other platforms, Snapchat users decide how they want their stories to be. So, if you come across “boring” snaps, then maybe you should get new snapchatters. Personally, I enjoy Gary Vaynerchuk’s Snap. He is an awesome entrepreneur and a hustler. Kevin Hart is as funny as we know.

      But, you don’t have to join it if you don’t want to. I just think it will be around for a while and it could be used to do some good work.


      1. Lol. I appreciate the efforts. In fact, I am not a social network girl so I don’t get that habit to try all social networks platform. When I start using one, it is really because it serves a specific purpose to me. Currently, just like I don’t see the specific usage I could do of INSTAGRAM (which is still a wonderful platform), I don’t see the specific usage for SNAPCHAT. Maybe one day, it may serve.

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