If I were a child… ( or An Attempt at Mother’s Day #Poem)

If I were Windows Vista, she’d be Windows 7
If I were teeth, she’d be gums.
If I were a bubble, she’d be air.
If I were a pen, she’d be ink.
If I were a phone, she’d be juice.
If I were headphones, she’d be music.
If I were a rock, she’d be gravity.
If I were Facebook, she’d be Mark.
If I were Design, she’d be font size.
If I were English, she’d be Shakespeare.
If I were salt, she’d be Iodine.
If I were a website, she’d be code.
If I were a blank page, she’d be the cursor.
If I were a child, she’d be my mother.
2014-12-25 13.36.55
But, I am a child.
And she is my mother.



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