Why Should You Write?

On your happiest days, to remember what joy is.
On your saddest days, to remember what pain is.
On your angry days to remember what hate is.
On your sweetest days to remember what peace is.
On your lonely days, to remember what solitude is.
On your crowded days, to remember what company is.

What should you do after you write?

On your happiest days, share the love.
On your saddest days, share a friend.
On your angry days, start a revolution.
On your sweetest days, convert a heart.
On you lonely days, listen to your heart.
On your crowded days, laugh with your heart.

Why all this?

I have never seen a writer who could not appreciate life in his or her unique way.

I have have never seen a human who sees the world like I do or vice versa.

I have come to accept that my thoughts line up clearly when I am on a keyboard.

And that my anger can be directed towards a purpose that is nobler than its cause.

Although not everyone can be a great writer, everyone can write. And I personally believe everyone should write.

You don’t need to use words that require a dictionary to express pain, love, hate, or anger.

In fact, the key is about expressing thoughts. Not impressing readers.

I love writing.

I don’t think I am a good writer. I don’t even consider myself a writer. But I have come to use this as a tool to channel a great deal of stifled emotions.

It is what is it. It’s more of a sanitary process than the creation of beauty. Which is why I pay so much attention to grammar and spelling.

And why I am back.

Because I am, truly, angry.



    1. Thank you so much! I am channelling my anger towards writing. I read writers who are better than I am everyday, so, calling myself a “writer”…well…I am not there yet. How do I describe a writer? Someone who writes. The question now is: who is a good writer? That, my dear Anna, I don’t know. ( Or worse…who is a great writer?) 🙂

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