Kurated- 0001 27th June, 2016

The future of Cameroon’s video blogging is in safe hands. I thought I as the only one who had no clue on Brexit. Well, my man Altucher had my back as usual. Turns out Fabafriq will be celebrating 5 years soon. Your creative services might be needed. Plus, We might see some profits for twitter with this new move after all. Maybe Cameroonian startups should follow this move and all similar ventures should Jumialize. For those who still think Trump should be president, Aziz Ansari is scared for his family. And with reason. From the 19th to the 24th July, with 50,000frs CFA, learn how to set-up your personal ecommerce website to sell that ugly mug of yours right here in Cameroon. So you don’t know about new media jobs that can be done here, in Cameroon?  My friend Mac and I have been seriously thinking of a co-working space for creatives. Like this one. Email me if you want us to work on something.If you’ve not yet followed me on Snapchat, now would be a good time. You want  history to backup my claim?Gary Vee nailed it.My buddy Bine who featured in the second episode of my podcast will be putting out a photo album in collaboration with Njinkeng Asonganyi of Asonganyi pictures. Lady T did a sweet review of them both.I’ve been meaning to learn how to code for a while. It may not be as easy as I had thought. What’s up with Cameroon’s penal code anyway?




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