Kurated 0003 29th June 2016

Anne Marie did it again. I usually have difficulties keeping up with the news, but her collection of the major African News Stories from the 22nd to  yesterday was very helpful. Oh, did I say it was in images?
I’ve started writing everyday now. It’s still chaotic but I think I will get a hold of what works for me soon enough. I  even wrote on how to use social media today.  And I should be submitting for Bakwa Magazine as well. If you’re a Cameroonian, less than 39 years old, whether you write in English or French your 3000-5000 word story will be accepted until the 31st of July.
Months ago, I read this painful story on the “dropout of school” trend most Entrepreneurs take. It is still as valid to me now as it was then. Entrepreneurship is hard. Within Cameroon or out.
This post seems to get me some really cool blogger friends . I should write more about love. Won’t you agree?
Finally, if you ever think of writing on medium.com, I think you will gain a lot by starting on this dedicated page.
#QOD: What did you read today that stood out? Anywhere on the web. Could you share it in the comments section? I know you will do it. Do you want to know why?
Because you’re awesome. That’s why. 


  1. ok, I am not sure I will be able to share something oooh lol. My new mommy attributes has limited time for me. I am so late with checking my medium account and the latest awesome posts that have been shared there snif. Indeed, in the past months, Medium has been my greatest discovery and my awesome space for finding inspiration on loads of subject. I still need to understand more about following people from Africa on the platform.
    That said, ahiiiiii you are writing everyday. I have been trying that since more than a month now on lacasedanna.com (which you still haven’t proper discovered, I am saaaaaaaddd) and it is hard but is great. But I have to confess, that sometimes I schedule post. Just because I realized that you can’t block writing so on those days I have many ideas, damn I take the inspiration.
    Anne-Marie did it, i confirm!!!! Now I am going to have a look on all the curated links and really great initiative. Damn, you get some time (or dedication) oooh. I am truly admirative.
    PS: my weekly wordpress newsletter from you will be something (seven articles to read in a row).

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    1. Congratulations Anna! That is awesome. I’m happy for you. Your baby is blessed. It’s difficult or keep the daily schedule oh. But nothing good comes without sacrifice or dedication. If only you knew my schedule eh… Lool. I’ll check your blog. Worry not. I’m currently working in a start-up and building my brand /business so, it’s not easy. I’ll be writing more about these experiences as well. I really enjoy your comments. I’m sure you can make it. I write everywhere. As I write this, I have an event in 50 minutes and my battery is running down. But I’m thinking of my Kurated and poem for tonight. I must post. 🙂

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