404 Error Kurated 0004 30th June 2016

This is an automated text. If you receive this message, it means either I’ve not been able to fix my Internet, or I’m still at the 2nd Year Anniversary of Visiterlafrique.com.

This is a daily post. Whether I have news or not, if I can get to you, I’ll post.

Why? Because I’m grateful to you.

I’ll take this post to thank you for being with me all these years. New friends and old friends, real life friends and blogger friends.

I have difficulty trusting people in real life but I’ve been able, through this blog, to meet many incredible people : Anna, Kerisha, Anne Marie, Alain Didier, Marcus, Sama Tanya, Esther, Morel, Elodie, Atemnkeng,

There are many more. And feel blessed for this.

That in this world where there is so much noise and connectivity, we can still build real, healthy relationships across boarders.

I’ll be moving to a self hosted site for many reasons. The main being that apart from being a love obsessed narcissist, I work for a startup and I have my own startup ideas.

This blog won’t go away right now, but,  I’ll slowly make sure we all move to the new domain.

On the site, there will be less poetry though. But you will be able to subscribe to the category of content you want.

But trust me, you’ll love it.

You should know how much I’ve been influenced by James Altucher and Gary Vaynerchuk. I have a long road ahead and I’m pumped.

If I tell you things are super great, that will be a lie. I still need to get some equipment, pay bills and stuff like that.

But I’m lucky to have parents who love me as much as mine do.

And I know that when you see the stuff I’m working on for you, you’ll help too.

The journey has just started and I have a lot to let you read, hear and even see.

Documentary ideas, movies, podcasts. It’s just a matter of time.

So, my friend, thank you. You’ve read my stuff and you’re still here.

I’m on all social media platforms with the same name (Tchassa Kamga).

We’re jus getting started.

P.S: I wrote this with my damaged phone. My fingers hurt!!!


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