Why I’ve Not Been On WordPress all this while.

Incidentally, it is also why you’d be seeing more of me hence.
You see, I have fallen deeply, deeply in love with Medium. For the past three months or so, I have put all my creative energy into it. Soaking amazing content and writing a lot.

What is Medium you ask?  This quote from The Atlantic sums it all:

“So what is Medium? Medium is a place to read articles on the Internet. Medium is a blogging platform, like WordPress or Blogger. Medium is the new project from the guys who brought you Twitter. Medium is chaotically, arrhythmically produced by a combination of top-notch editors, paid writers, PR flacks, startup bros, and hacks”. Read the article here.

In my love for this new platform, and like my mother would say, I saw Christmas and forgot Sunday.

I forgot my family- you.

You are the reason why I have been able to blog for the past fours years. I started this blog with nothing but an idea( and internet access, and the computer my cousin gave me ( thank you Aunty Tie!)) and I had no idea where this was all going.

It was 2012. I had just made it into a degree programme I loved and I heard of this thing called a blog. Truth be told, this is not my first blog. But this is the only one I have been consistent on.

I have so many blog ideas in my idea grave. I call it…wait for it…the idea grave! Lame huh? I know.

Now I have more than 197 subscribers!! 197 people thought that they would want to keep getting my work!!! 924 people liked my Facebook page!


The reason why I keep writing is because you’ve been reading and commenting. I got the courage to open an Instagram account where I started this picture story thing that got some attention.

Then, in my usual Kamga style, I slacked off. Then I came back…and slacked off again. But I am back now. 🙂

Then I started a Masters at the University. English Language. Yeaup. Who does that? Who spends his days perusing Theories of First Language Acquisition?
Well, I do now. And to be honest, it’s fun.

Handling school, writing on medium, (as well as some projects I haven’t told you about) …all these things haven’t exactly been peachy.

But I know I can do better. You deserve better.
Which is why I will do all in my power to keep writing here.

I wish I could just copy what I write on Medium and paste here. But that would be super lazy and unfair. And I cannot ask you to move to medium as well now can I? That would be rude.

I am mean. Not rude. So, this is what we’ll do:

First, if you want to catch-up with what I’ve been doing, I started a publication with my very good friend Anne Marie Befoune. She’s a terrific blogger and incredible writer. She’s also my best friend. She lives in Senegal. And we’ve never actually met. How cool is the internet?! I knooow!

Together we do our best to post every single day on the platform. We have three themes- self improvement, content creation and human relationships. So, it is a lot of my regular spiel about how I get back from feelings of sadness, how I create content and my love life the relationships in my life.

If you don’t have a Medium account, don’t worry. You can sign in with Facebook or Twitter.

On Medium, you can ‘follow’ publications. So, if you want to follow ours, click here. It will take you straight to the page. Anne Marie writes in French and English. If you love my writing, I believe you will love her too.

I know I do.

We also have a Facebook page where we put links to the articles we write. I strongly suggest you follow the page on Medium though. You get to receive letters with shpeshial content.

We have plans for Self-ish. Plans you’ll love. hehehe

But! Back to why we’re here.

I have written on Medium ( ugh, I know…stop rolling your eyes) about my mentors. Gary Vaynerchuk is one of them. I have consumed his content so much I may have acquired  a lot of his idiosyncrasies.

Why do I bring this iconic American hustler to my apology for dumping my WordPress Family for Medium?

Because 1>0. One is greater than zero. I got that from Gary.

Because you have been with me for all these years, sending me words of encouragement, reading my posts, commenting, sharing.

Because I met incredible people on this platform that I cannot neglect.

It is because of you that I have been able to do a lot of what I am doing now.

So…SECOND! You are my family. And if that means working a little harder and smarter to make sure you get to read me here as well, then I will do that.

Thank you.

If you’re on Snapchat, hit me up let’s chat. I’m doubling down there too. Even though I get weirdly super shy sometimes. My username is @tchassakamga. Or you can just open your app, point your camera to the code below, hold you finger on  my teeth my picture and wait for your device to scan the code.


I must tell you, a lot has happened. Hint: I am writing a book.

It feels great to be back. I know it’s going to be hard. Like coming back home after studying abroad. It’s been an interesting couple of months.

Thank you for your patience. It will be worth it.

Forever yours, Tchassa Kamga.

P.S: Ask me any questions on my Ask.fm. I would gladly answer.

P.P.S: Here ( in no particular order) is  a list of my personal top five posts on medium. Don’t forget to recommend the ones you read!

  1. Dear Marketer, this is why I write.
  2. You’ll never be ready.
  3. Five lessons from my selfishness.
  4. Scrawny kid and pretty mouth. ( You should start with this one!!)
  5. How should you feel after a near death experience?


What do you think of my post?

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