The simple things that brought me joy this week.

I write every day. I only publish when I feel worried enough. For the past few days, I haven’t published — I haven’t written words that I feel have pieces of my soul in it. I don’t even know how to explain what that means. I just know when it’s not it. This week, I haven’t found it.

So, I’ve been trying something else.

My drafts contain the reason why this week is critical to my career. It involves severed bonds, coping mechanisms and healthy ways to stay on top of personal failures.

In that draft folder, I also have a recollection of the video games I played with my brother; how much they made us who we are today. It wasn’t until I wrote that down that I realized how much video games had impacted my life, and still will.

These three things include things whose roles in my life I am just coming across. It is the minimalist call of these actions that brings me gratitude in times when I need that feeling the most. What are they then?

1. Long walks

With my cab fare in hand, I’ll latch unto my backpack and do something that brings me peace in ways I never appreciated.

I’ll walk.

I don’t exercise regularly. I don’t pay attention to what I eat. I suck at all sports. I don’t know my MBI. One thing I do know though, is that for the past 6 months, not walking has made me seep into this mental place where I don’t like the shape I see in my mirror.

By most descriptions, I am definitely not overweight. But I don’t look so athletic either.

I still need to figure out why or how I am able to walk these long distances or stand all day and feel nothing. I might be a mutant. Nice.

I’ve turned to observing the city as I walk down home. I imagine conversations and describe scenes to myself. Sometimes, I take out the coins to pay for the cab, but I just hold unto them, then, walk home.

It casts a soothing spell on me. I feel a healing from the inside. It’s as though the city hears my pain and swathes it with every footfall.

2. Random Notes on Evernote

I’ve completed more texts on Evernote in the past week than in the last month. I’ve also found that I enjoy leaving sentences halfway, knowing I cannot finish them at the moment. It’s a daring anticipation, waiting for the words to come as I pen the ones already present.

It was strange at the start. I usually start and finish my poems or posts immediately. I hardly leave texts to be edited later. This, I found, through massive consumption of how-to’s on Medium, wasn’t a good practice. Now, I l edit at at later time, taking up to weeks at a time.

This has allowed me to provide a skeleton for the book ideas I have and to do so freely. I don’t have to complete the work I start at that time. I know I will. And even when I write a complete text, I let it simmer for a bit.

Given the number of incomplete drafts I now have, I know I cannot lack what to write about every single day. Is this a bad practice? I don’t know. Between you and me…I don’t care.

What you’re reading was written straight on Medium a few hours ago. I think that writing down my thoughts allows my ideas to flow more. It’s less limiting and it reduces the pressure on my desire to create work that touches the soul.

3. Face to Face Conversations

I am an introvert. I have learned how to be comfortable around people in a way that makes me seem extroverted. But, if given the choice, I’d rather be by myself.

I do my best work when I’m alone. You should see me after a party — a wreck, physically unable to accommodate humans.

One of the most common problems introverts face is energy level management: knowing your threshold. It’s important to know how much of humans you can handle, for how long, and how long it would take to recharge.

I take one full night of alone time after spending a day around people. But, if I have to interact with these people, it could take more. Last Saturday for example, I attended a party. I had fun. A lot. I danced, drank and slept on a couch. I really, really needed to let out that night. Guess what? It took me two days to recover. Not from the hangover, but from the interactions with other people.

However, I’ve been able to get inspiration for posts, stories, articles, and even just be entertained, by having face to face conversations.

Because I found it hard to create what I wanted, I started paying closer attention to the people I was with. Listening to what they were saying. Watching their body language. Asking questions. Laughing at their jokes. Paying compliments when necessary.

It’s one of those simple things that make life incredibly worthwhile: having a conversation.

I have lots of them with myself. But it’s only when I talk with others that I hear myself even more through them.

A lot has changed in my life recently. A lot more is coming ahead. I’ve never been this grateful for everything I have and glad that I am living in the greatest era of all time!

From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank you for reading this. Please, click on the heart to recommend this piece. It gets more readers to see. You know how much my self-worth depends on this…so…euh…thanks. 😀

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Its 1:40 am.I finally have a wordpress blog.

Like the total amateur blogger  that I am,i just deleted a really inspiring opening post for my new personal blog.This,folks,is really horrible.Its like that time when you successfully reach a high score,you delete the value,then try to reach it again.However this time,you don’t even approach half of the original mark.

Here is what happened:I decided to type straight into ( I’m actually still doing the same thing…)and I hit publish post,so confidently,only to discover  the only thing I had published was the title.

The time now is 3:02 am.I have an iPhone 3GS to jailbreak,I have to sleep because I just transferred into my new hostel,my new girlfriend will be here tomorrow(we haven’t seen each other in a week or so),I am not done with my registration into the new faculty( did you realize there are three ‘new’ things going on?)

You deserve to know who I am.I explained it in my lost post but I guess I better stop whining and give you what i have…or a taste of it…

I am a male,African,precisely Cameroonian.22.Son,brother and friend.Student Journalist and tech fanatic.I used to love video games.I mean like really,REALLY love them.One of my blog posts will be :How I finished Prince of Persia:The Sands of Time in Two days without peeing and sleeping.

However one day I woke up(it was not actually a day,it took me five years…seriously)and my priorities changed.

This blog had been one of my priorities and I had been pushing it aside.The buck stops today.I am posting this as  a challenge to myself.

I am unique.Everyone is.(I actually discovered today I could be a real pain in the ass without even trying!!. I will write a post on that.)I have a story.Mine.No one in billions of years will ever be exactly like me.I owe it to myself to be the best me.I owe it to myself to grow,learn,improve and conquer my mind every single day.

I am responsible for my happiness.

This blog is an outlet for my thoughts.I will tell many stories here.My stories.They are pitiful,some hilarious,some sad and most interesting.They have one thing in common:I narrate them from my point of view.Thus they biased and one sided.I would want to be the hero in all,but if I do… what will be the fun in that?

lately I have been reading a blog thing I have learned is bleeding:It is pouring out your gut unto paper.Writing things down only if they scare the shit out of you.I intend to do that.James does it so well and I am just half his age,the least I can do is bleed half as well.

I am human.I have faults,many.I made someone get pissed this evening.I actually never liked him that much but this incident got me mad as well.Picture this:

I have moved into my new hostel(you will know why soon) and the floor is all tiles(yes,its a big deal that my floor is tiles,it means I can keep it shiny and walk bare feet.P.S I hate shoes). The guy whose room I’m taking is a good friend of mine.Let’s call him Diggory.Digg and I have a subset of friends.One of them is Samuel.Its not his name as you guess rightly,and Samuel did get me pissed today.A little history:Ive known Digg for  three years now.He is a friendly fellow who hates getting in the way of others.He is easy going but not very focused.He has a girlfriend whom he loves a lot and he is a University graduate.I met Samuel through him.As one of our local expressions go:”Our bloods don’t match”.

I’m kind of a dick.I really get childish when I’m hungry and small things tick me off.I’m pretty happy when I’m alone and I once thought (and actually still believe) I am manic-depressive.I honestly think Sam is proud,full of himself and too carefree for my liking.Point being :I don’t like him and I can tolerate his attitude only when I does not affect me directly.Today,however,He was in my shooting range.

So,the tiles;I swept and mopped my floor,I can’t afford a carpet…yet.Its bare and cold but at least clean.I crawl on it,enjoying the fruit of my labor.Savoring every hard angle.The rule is simple.It has always been(or so I thought till this evening):GET YOUR SHOES OFF WHEN YOU GET INTO A HOUSE WITH A CLEAN FLOOR!!!

I guess Sam did not attend the civics lesson that day,and I was about to find out,the hard way.Ill continue this post tomorrow.I promise.