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The world wide web is huge. And once in a while, we fall on really interesting websites. Or a fellow web user points us towards one. I will be sharing some of the cool websites or apps I found on the web with you. I hope to see yours in the comments.


Date found: 4th September, 2014.

A screenshot of the website. David Guetta,unsurprisingly, ranks 1st.

A screenshot of the website. David Guetta,unsurprisingly, ranks 1st.

Website: TopDeeJays

Recommendation from @BineMoukouri

How did this happen?

I used to be a partial fan of Dubstep music (and still get occasional headaches when I listen to Skrillex) but it seems my true dubstep nature is finally coming out of the closet. I had just started listening to Zomboy’s 2014 Album (The Outbreak) and in the quest for more … #dubstepness, I asked my buddy Bine ( cool guy, laid back, autodidact, music producer, graphic designer etc.) for an artiste I could enjoy. So he pointed me to the site via text. Thanks again bro.

What did I find out?

Topdeejays is an organized global DJ database founded and operated by FM Agencija, d.o.o.

It offers visitors a chance to browse through categories (genre, country or social network) and look at their favorite DJ’s profile where they can find links to the DJ’s social media and their statistics, listen to tracks from Soundcloud and Beatport or watch videos from YouTube.

To make browsing easier, DJs are ranked by their social media popularity and there is also an indexed search available for those who already know who they are looking for.”-from their website.

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Let me try the app on one of my pages. I suggest you check it out and tell me what you think.