He is Capable #poetry

His largesse is inexplicable.

Without him, no one is able,
to move a chair or mount a table.
Or anything else for that matter, not even a needle.
I won’t be able,
to breathe or eat or sit at a table,
with my family, friends, enemies ( pick a label).
Think about it, life is a fable.
Till the day we die, from when we left the cradle.
We are all feeble, weak, light like thin cables.

Understand His grace, you will never be able.
Simply make sure in His favor, you remain stable.

The Purpose of Life

The purpose of Life.
Life’s full mystery.
Mystery never fully solved.
Solved problems only engage more.
More questions,more struggles.
Struggles through Life,through doubt,with sole ethereal respite:Hope.
Hope for a better tomorrow.
Tomorrow forever unsolved,forever unknown.
Unknown pains,strife,battles.
Battles against ourselves and even our loved ones.
Ones we would never win.
Win in the end,our only breathing purpose.