Fear’s Game

The fear of finally getting hold of what you’ve been looking for seems to trump the hunger for it.

How weak.

It is not that we do not seek to achieve happiness, or find true love, or be successful.
It is that when we find it, we (strangely) become mortified by the said discovery.

Is it the lack of a quest? Or the emptiness of the unknown?

It is not a Pyrrhic victory. You wanted it. You found it. It is at arm’s length. Grab it.


“It’d rather die alone, than risk breaking my heart”.

Human interactions. interesting.

My imperfection makes me fall in love with me daily.
My ability to watch myself fail to find the answer and THEN bask in that inadequacy. Quaint isn’t it?

Or is it?

Is it my fear of discovering that I know more than I think I do? Or that, no matter what, I would NEVER know everything I THINK I NEED to know.
Giving up seems to be the essential option.
Not on my dreams. Nay. They may indeed be scary.

What saddens me, is when faced with my inability to change a mind once made.
My inadequacy ,as a human, to show to another human what I think is ‘the light’.
Who am I to think I know anything?
My most consistent answer (… probably my personal truism) is this: “I don’t know”.
I don’t know many things.

But I know fear.

It could either be a strength or a dent, a pillar or a fever. It could wreck you or make you.
Recognize your fear. Don’t avoid it. Accept it and use it.
Or, in the best case scenario, give it up to an entity greater than you.

Your heart will be broken. You will lose money. You will fail that test. Your business will fail.


You will find love. You will earn more. You’ll get your degree. You’ll employ thousands.

Those are the two sides of the same coin.
Don’t let fear stop you from flipping it.

P.S: Here is how you rig the game : believe.

The Purpose of Life

The purpose of Life.
Life’s full mystery.
Mystery never fully solved.
Solved problems only engage more.
More questions,more struggles.
Struggles through Life,through doubt,with sole ethereal respite:Hope.
Hope for a better tomorrow.
Tomorrow forever unsolved,forever unknown.
Unknown pains,strife,battles.
Battles against ourselves and even our loved ones.
Ones we would never win.
Win in the end,our only breathing purpose.