A Valentine Chuckle- Scene One

The following scene takes place in less than 5 minutes.

Her chuckle did it for me. Like a snort but with a little whistle from her mouth. The loveliest sound in the milky way.
She was with a dude. Stylish. Well dressed. With those silly looking hairstyles young men wore these days. “Crepe”- they called it. He made her chuckle.
I’d never met them in my life, but I knew the reason I choked on my spit was very different from the hunger that brought my sister and me to ‘Kuchina Restaurant’ that afternoon. What the hell was Sandra asking at this time again?


I saw him look in my direction. Our eyes didn’t meet but I knew what had attracted him to our angle. Mama always said I laughed like a pig and Greg here, with the silly Crepe-thingy ,just loved making me laugh so he, in turn, could laugh at me. I loved his style. He was contemporary. But not my type.
“The Onlooker” on the other hand, was dressed simply. White shirt and jeans. Tucked in. A little too old fashioned for his age. He could be about…twenty something. At most 30.
Funny how he choked. I hope he doesn’t think I’m with…oh. No. He does. I need to do something. He’s with a lady but the resemblance is too keen. That must be his sister. Or is she?


My brother hardly comes to Buea. When he does, I get the chance to steal some quality time so he can tell me all about his new life. What better place than his favourite restaurant.
Ugh. That girl has a funny laugh. Like a pig. In a restaurant? Ew. That’s just gross. Why is Martin looking at her like that? Does he know her?
“ Do you know that girl?”
He chokes. Martin? Choking. Ok. Something is up. And isn’t about the spices in the air. We need to sit as far away frm that table as possible. Or…wait…no way…he’s actually taking us closer…he means for us to get closer to…them?
That other guy is kinda cute though.


Taking a beautiful girl out is the best thing that can happen to you in Buea on the 14th of February. Even if it is not you chick (like Piggy Cynthia here) you can just act as though she is. It’s the points that matter right? Massa…man na fine man… The sad thing is that I have already been friendzone by her massa…and the fact that she’s with me means she doesn’t even have a boyfriend for now.
Wait…her laughter has changed. Ever since that white shirt dude entered, her laugh is louder. It’s as though she’s now laughing on purpose.
Could it be that she is…

300 word Fiction: “The Dartanian reminisces”

(c) Flickr user: Sweetie187

(c) Flickr user: Sweetie187

I pretend I am human. I learnt to smile a few centuries ago. After I was forced to learn Arabic and Chinese,that is.  It is not very difficult, you see. What irks me during the process is the voice in my head that knows how much my face hurts to twist. But the pain is okay. I prefer  it to the barrage my alien earthmates spew daily.

” Are you okay?” ” You look sad?” ” Is everything alright?” ” What is wrong with your eyes?”

Nothing is wrong with my eyes, you see. Where I come from, it is a privilege to have eyes facing in different directions.
In fact, it might just be the only thing that saves your life.
Dartan is brown. Mostly. The lone sea, the plants, even the ghosts are brown. The blue sun on the other hand…I have no idea why Maester made it that way.

Then again, She rules all.

On Dartan, it rains for years. Some children are born and die without seeing the sun. I was born lucky. My father is a recharger. His job allows him enough bluon ( the blue energy from our Sun. They are still trying to use it around here. They call it’Green energy‘. Hm. Humans.) to feed the thirty of us. My mothers never bother about the sun. They have seen many. 210 each.

I wonder what they are doing now…

I have been stuck here for so long. My eyes have grown accustomed gazing in the same direction. Even the animals no longer argue with me.
Maybe I will settle here. Since I cannot die( yet) and I cannot return to my world, I might as well fit in.
Or maybe I will try to steal their stupid yellow sun again.