The brother

A thought for his sibling. A thought for the one supposed to be his friend. The one he hopes to inspire. The one  for whom both parents perspire.

He is  a young man now, but not for long. The brother is a young man too, but not as young.

Does his relative temporal advantage grant the boundless wisdom on circumstance and ‘rightness’?

Who is to decide if our position on the birth line assures authority?

The brother doubts. He speaks. He cautions. But he doubts.

His thoughts ever contrasting his true mood and his words- mostly ideal to instill growth.

The younger will grow. A fact known by the brother.

And the younger brother will know. How long is what crushes the brother.

10 steps to being a horrible brother ( or person)

(c) Flickr user rod_waddington

(c) Flickr user rod_waddington

  1. Don’t listen to his/her opinion
  1. You’re always right
  1. Don’t empathize, ever.
  1. Overreact-as much as possible
  1. Talk rude, especially in public (and don’t forget to snicker!)
  1. Be the first to call home to give your side of the story
  1. Keep tabs
  1. Transfer your mood to your interactions
  1. Don’t think before talking
  1. Voice your dissatisfaction (especially verbally) with as much caustic undertone as possible. *The more passive aggressive you get when quieter, the better.

Do these, and rest assured that your life and that of your sibling will be very entertaining for sadists.

Bonus: Carry these qualities to the rest of your human interactions and your score the big winner!                                      An utterly miserable life.

I hate boarding schools.

I will write extensively on that someday…may be never.
But right now all I feel is anger towards these prison schools.
For one particular reason- I miss my sisters.
Yeah laugh at me…at least I can admit it to myself.
Don’t get me wrong- I went to a boarding school.
For seven years of my precious life, I had to wake up by 4. 30am six times a week, take a freezing bath ,eat poorly prepared food(note to self: write about that food) and transform into someone my parents barely recognize.
I grew up in school.
Mentally, physically and worse -emotionally *gasps*!
The sad part is THE SAME THING is happening to my siblings.
My younger brother will be going to college this year.
At least he survived.
But my sweet sisters have two more years of incarceration.
You attend mass four (4) times a week.
You have chores.
If you don’t do them.
Well…you get more chores.
You get bullied.
Verbally, physical, mentally , emotionally and academically bullied.
I had my first heart break in boarding school.
My first crush (note to self: full blog post dude…this experience was hot hot *grins*)
My first betrayal.
My first best friend.
I wish I could say my first kiss…but that is a lie.
I was never smart enough to catch when a girl crushed on me. (NTS: blog post buddy, rich content here! :D)
I could not “chat” (court ) ladies properly.
I was (still am) eccentric, awkward, geeky, boring, uninteresting , socially unstable and for the most part uninterested.
Depressing. I’m skipping that part.
I was smart though.
I survived.
I’m worried about my sisters.
They left for school on the 2nd of September.
It’s not like we are the best of siblings. We hardly talk actually.
Like talk talk.
But we like each other.
I daresay we love each other.
We have fun.
We argue.
We fight (mostly).
We make up (…sometimes).
They are 14 and 16.
Blossoming adolescents.
Imagine what hormone surges can do?
They are in an examination class too.
Form Five.
So they will be writing the first really difficult government examination of their lives.
I pray they make it.
I made it in that same freaking school.
I know they will.
Why you ask?
I just have faith.