The Value in Silence

It’s easy to say : “You’ll be alright.” Especially when you’ve never been there.
Empathy is not a concept. It’s real.
And you can’t fake it.
A real friend knows the value of silence.
Silence, to me, doesn’t mean you lack stuff to say.
Sometimes, it means you understand the gravity of the situation and acknowledge your inability to fully grasp your friend’s feelings.
Silence is golden. Not because it’s expensive.
But because it’s valuable.
It actually means something.

Just listen to silence.

I heard something today. Something I had not heard in a long time. I am sure you have too. I want to believe as children we always did. At that time it was normal. It was OK. We were just ‘kids’ and that is why we were always so happy.

I heard something today. Yesterday too. It was nice. It was cool. I was happy for no reason. I had no reason to be happy- and that was the reason. I don’t need a reason to be happy.

If you listen carefully, you will hear it today. It is everywhere and nowhere. It is here and there. It is in you and it is in me. AndĀ  ‘it’ wants you to hear.

It is the source of every inspiration. It is theĀ  sign of tranquility. It guides, directs and entrusts. It is the voice of intuition, the voice of luck, the voice of nature,the voice of mankind, the voice of voices- the voice of the creator.

Prayer. Meditation. Concentration.

Everyone has a name for it. And everyone is right.

What is common about all these?


Yes. Silence. When was the last time you listened to your thoughts? When was the last time you turned off the radio or TV or internet? When you just sat down and listened.

Just listened. To the world around and within you. To everything and to nothing.

Silence. I cherish this.

A friend told me I had suddenly become boring: ” Why have you become so cold?” she asked.

” I talk too much. I’d rather start listening.”

I might give up tomorrow. Things change.

But what I know is that silence is golden.

It’s by far the coolest construct I have enjoyed in a while.

Just sit. And listen.

Life’s most beautiful melody.