Social Media

Someone is watching.

Someone is watching.
Someone is always watching.

As you toil away, with your eyes to the screen.
As you tweet your take, and your opinions on the film.

Someone is watching.

That typo you made, that comment you erased.
That like you left, that post you shared.

Someone is always watching.

You could get a call, congratulations or reprimand.
You may get a pat- on the back or SNAP on the hand.

Someone is watching.

You may hide behind your keyboard.
You may cloak behind your IP.
But trust me, I have been rewarded, by someone who was watching.

Before you write that post, before you click that like and before you share that video, remember, someone is always watching.

Common (Social Media) Courtesy

I usually turn off my chat when I log on to Facebook in order to ‘work’. You know I am because you can see me commenting on posts and sharing links. But my chat shows I am off.

Am I a liar? Is it polite for me to choose to ‘not chat’ with my online ‘friends’?

Social media has broken many walls – geographical and temporal – but it has built others. Social walls: the ability to choose when I want people to ‘see’ me or ‘chat’ with me. I can ignore notifications and explain: “Oh. Sorry. The network. Meh”.

Since I do all these, I guess I must be part of the new breed of criminals- social criminals?

I don’t know. But I find interesting to…you know…  ‘visit’ a ‘friend’s’ page, check out her pictures, see her friends, comments, interests et cetera.

The sad part is we’re NOT friends and I don’t intend to send a friend request. Is that stalking? My friend once said it is punishable by law in some states.

Hm. I must be a wanted criminal.

What about unfriending? Or unfollowing? (My account was blocked from following  @StanleyEnow on Twitter shortly after I wrote this blog post). What does it mean to click the button with the intent of not being able to get someone’s updates? Is it worse than saying, orally: “I don’t like what you did. We’re no longer friends”.

Since when did a click gain the power to generate such debates?

I will not open the ‘You didn’t like my picture’ page. Or the ‘why didn’t you comment/share/like/RT?? Why? WHY?

A social wall. That is what we’ve erected with the new media. The ability to touch everyone and no one. With the need to re-learn ‘how to’ be social. Some are pretty good at it. Some get the conversation going with just a click, a picture.

If you’re like me, after writing a post, you WRITE a post. You tag, add, share, tweet mention. Promoting content online is almost as important as creating it. Just observe the panoply of social media pundits/agencies.

Has the meaning of politeness changed? Or worse, should I remain friends on Facebook with someone I don’t want to be friends in ‘real’ life?

I am cheerfully confused.


#cmrbloggershangout: A Recap of The Second Edition

Five months ago, on Saturday 14th June, 2014 Fabafriq Magazine organized a bloggers’ meet up, dubbed #cmrbloggershangout in Douala. The event, first of its kind was  sponsored by Ethiopian Airlines. It took place in the Bonapriso neighborhood in White House Restaurant.

LR Yours truly, Adeline Sede, a young exec, Bessong Bessem, Ngahane Desire

LR Yours truly, Adeline Sede, a young exec, Bessong Bessem, Ngahane Desire


This Saturday 15th November, 2014, the 2nd Edition of the hangout took place still in the economic capital of our nation. This time, it was was co-sponsored by Fabafriq, Ethiopian Airlines, DHL,Wasamundi and by our host Vivindi Consulting SARL.

Seated at the table, our hosts.

Seated at the table, our hosts.

It took place besides the beautiful pool of Hotel Le Meridien in the classy Akwa environ. Mme Adeline Sede K. is the publisher of FabAfriq Magazine and she is the driving force behind this soon-to-be-traditional meetup of bloggers, online reporters, media personalities, designers, photojournalists,media sympathizers, investors and business owners.

Hotel Le Meridien has a beautiful pool

Hotel Le Meridien has a beautiful pool

Traditional media doesn’t  advertise as  it used to. What business owners need to  understand is that bloggers are these passionate individuals with an online clout. They are  the current best bet for effective product and service promotion. This forum is to let the investors see the opportunities they have in ‘using’ these bloggers and for the bloggers to get a chance to  be paid so as  keep doing what they are good at“- Publisher of FabAfriq.

Mme Adeline Sede K. Founder and Publisher at FabAfriq Magazine

Mme Adeline Sede K. Founder and Publisher at FabAfriq Magazine

This hangout saw a slight lower attendance than the previous mostly because of the short notice. But the benefit was that the quality of engagement was significantly better than the previous.

We had the  the C.E.O -Mme Mangoua- and the Managing Director of Vivindi Consulting Sarl– Miss Marie Cecile Nguekam.

Our beautiful hosts L-R Mme Mangoua- CEO of Vivindi Consulting , holding the booklets is Managing Director of Vivindi- Marie Cecile Nguekam

Our beautiful hosts L-R Mme Mangoua- CEO of Vivindi Consulting , holding the booklets is Managing Director of Vivindi- Marie Cecile Nguekam


As for the ‘floor members’ we had(for those attending for the second time):

Our chair person-Mme Irene Azong-Wara of Febmart,

Mme Azong-Wara of FebMart

Mme Azong-Wara of FebMart

Chantal Edie of Chantal Edie Photography

The pictures are courtesy of her professional eye.

Thanks Chantal.

(R) Chantal in her dazzling red (L) Marie Cecile

(R) Chantal in her dazzling red (L) Marie Cecile

Clifford Ako C.M.O of Wasamundi

Clifford Ako, CMO of

Clifford Ako, CMO of

Brian Njotsa,

Who wears dark glasses better than Brian?

Who wears dark glasses better than Brian?

Simo Jandie C.E.O of  Jandie Multimedia Concepts(JMC),

Simo Jandie of Jandie Multimedia Concepts

Simo Jandie of Jandie Multimedia Concepts

Gilbert ‘Gilly’ Zamani- Web and graphics designer,

Gilbert 'Gilly' Zamani web and graphics designer

Gilbert ‘Gilly’ Zamani web and graphics designer

and Miss J.J Nshom , TV host( On7) and TIPTOPSTARS editor,

The TV host and TIPTOPSTARS editor

The TV host and TIPTOPSTARS editor holding some of Marion’s creations

The relatively new faces included Miss Marion ( she made a very special…Miss’s day),

Miss Cameroon 2014 proudly wearing one of Marion's handmade necklaces.

Miss Cameroon 2104 proudly wearing one of Marion’s handmade necklaces.

Miss Binta,

Miss Binta, Journalisma and Mass Communication graduate.

Miss Binta, Journalisma and Mass Communication graduate.

Herbert Budi- Aviation student and entertainment adept  and Njeukwa Bounkeu-a Vlogger and guitar virtuoso,

L-R Yours truly, pensive Njeukwa and welcoming Herbert

L-R Yourstruly, pensive Njeukwa and  Herbert

Roy from Ernst & Young( Roy and I  had a short ‘discussion’ on Photography. He’s very passionate about photos and prefers them natural and unaltered. He abhors Photoshop).

The amateur photographer and expert auditor.

The amateur photographer and expert auditor.

Because my brain loves playing tricks on me, I would plead with the attendees to please draw my attention to anyone I INADVERTENTLY missed or whose name I could have spelt poorly.

We started with an introductory note from Mme Sede K. and Mme Azong-wara later took us through our purpose for the afternoon which was to engage the Vivindi staff thoroughly.  We all introduced ourselves individually with yours truly doing the translation when necessary. At the end of the exchange, we had achieved a preliminary consultancy for Vivindi bundled with suggestions and clarifications. Especially on how we were supposed to assist in the Business Forum International  of the 3rd of next month.

Vivindi Consluting is Local Network for a Global business and in my next blog post, I will go deeply into the mission of the company and the activities of the 3rd.

Hotel Le Meridien is a beautiful and well built location. I did not pay attention to the number of storeys but two things struck me:

  1. The aesthetics: The ‘out-house’ design – beautiful sky blue water filled pool surrounded by well made wooden tables all in an airy environment under either large stylish umbrellas or a cozy shaded large veranda.
  2. The toilets: I love clean toilets. I hope this is not too weird but…when I flushed the scent was sweet. I was tempted to press the button again. I resisted.

We had a table to ourselves and the afternoon sped away. When all the main points had been trashed, we were treated to king’s quality meat and seafood fest-all with mustard and pepper. Crowned with natural…I repeat NATURAL guava and pineapple( or was it orange?) juice.

Le repas

And good wine.

French Style.




This gave us the opportunity to relax and talk informally at length. We  exchanged addresses  during this time.


This is the best part of hangouts. The chitchat. The laughs and the jokes. The real bonds are made in this way. Especially the lasting ones.

It is during this period that smart bloggers pitch  to business owners in a very private way.

'Private' sessions with the hosts.

‘Private’ sessions with the hosts.

And those who know they game usually earn great deals.

You know yourselves.

As the evening drew close,I was genuinely satisfied with the assembly.

I had tasted sea food for the first time and had met new,vibrant and enthusiastic individuals. But guess what? The universe decided that this was not enough.

That Kamga will meet with a celebrity. That his childhood dream( which he never had) would come true and that he would touch …a Miss.

Miss Cameroon 2014 and the #cmrbloggers

Miss Cameroon 2014 and the #cmrbloggers

Goodnight and thanks for reading.

Please, “Like” and “Share”.

Spoilers for next two  posts:

  1. Vivindi Consulting Sarl intends express the impact Ebola plays in the Cameroonian economy.
  2. Up-close (but not very personal) with Miss Cameroon 2014. The interview proper. I would be glad to hear your thoughts.Miss FabAfriq and Miss Cameroon 2014.Miss FabAfriq and Miss Cameroon 2014.

I’m an addict.

I felt I was becoming a slave to this wireless master called the internet.

I decided to do what I know how to do best.

I quit.

For a few days . I was supposed to set a limit- a  goal-an objective.

I didn’t.

But I stuck to one part – for the next 48 hours , I didn’t tweet, or RT or post on Facebook.

I could reply mails.

Not that I receive many…with everyone being pissed at me…you will find out eventually, ‘don’t you worry child’  😉 .

I ,thus, posteth the tweet to end all tweets:

“ I’ll be disconnecting from the internet for a few days. Starting to feel radioactive. Il me faut du repos. See you dans quelque jours 😉 #fb”

I posted similar status updates on my Whatsapp , BBM and Viber accounts.

Secretly…I had hoped someone would miss me.

I thought someone would say:

“Oh! NOooooo! OMG! I WILL SO BLOODY MISS YOU! I HOPE YOU ARE OK?! Why are you leaving?? Can I help you sweetheart?!”


“*Crying* *snivels violently* why? Please tell me? I’m here for you!”

No one did.

No one cared.

No one cares.

I do.

I needed the break.

May be it’s me being defensive.

 I know I needed that rest-whether people noticed or not.

I took the break and did something else…something smarter.

Something I never really get to do.

I watched the others.

I read my TL.

I read bios.

I followed conversations.

I fought against the urge to tweet.

For an hour or two had withdrawal.

Symptom: I started thinking in hashtags.

I would talk to my brother @AndersonTchassa and instead of calling his name…*whispering*… I would call his handle (like I did above).

I would talk to my mom:

“Sup? Is there anything to eat?” and I would  verbally add “Hash tag breakfast?” 

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Social media has its perks.


Interaction, conversations, marketing etc.

But it can be VERY addictive.

I think I am addicted.

I don’t think.

I am addicted.

I struggled to get off a few days ago.

I failed.

I’ll try again later.

Not today.

I’m going back.

See you there.